Keren Farago (b. 1975) lives on Kibbutz Maayan Zvi in Israel, where she has her studio. Having graduated from HIT in 2002 with a degree in Industrial Design and Art, she also trained independently in sewing, stitching and imagery. She currently focuses on creating specialized drawings on a background of various pre-fabricated materials of her own selection, using pages from old discarded books, old maps, and embroidery patterns and fabrics. These backgrounds are carefully chosen in order to enhance the meaning and beauty of the text or patterns, on to which she sketches fauna, flora and evocative figures using simple, clear lines. 

In this way the drawings relate directly to the background materials which Keren has carefully chosen and assembled, as does the resulting depiction which reflects her own personal and unique artistry. 

She has seized opportunity during this past year (of the world pandemic) for further self-growth and has renewed her love of the forgotten artistry of embroidery, incorporating it into her many works and recreating this time-honored tradition in a modern way.


New paintings


Creative Workshops in the Studio

Invites you to workshops in my studio, to connect to the immediate sense of connection to drawing and background issues consisting of poetry, history, agronomy, for those who love and appreciate the written word.


Custom-Made Portrait Painting

From a joint dialogue I create. From the dialogue I get inspired.
Looks at the pages of old books and seeks to deplete treasures, songs and drawings.
More and more layers concerning your world and you.

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